Fire Detection Systems | Freo Fire Services
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Fire Detection Systems

Proficient in the use of the older AS1603 and AS4428 detection systems through to the latest in AS7240 detection technology, Freo Fire Services are uniquely placed to handle upgrades of old, outdated technology, as well as installing, servicing and maintaining the highest specification systems on the market. We pride ourselves on utilising the latest technology available, including wired and wireless detection strategies to suit any situational requirements.


We are able to apply various detection principles to suit any risk utilising methods such as point detection, linear heat detection, beam detection, aspirated smoke detection, Ultra Violet and Infra-Red detection.


For heritage listed properties and ‘difficult to wire’ sites, we have adopted the latest in wireless technology. We are able to provide intelligent wireless solutions, which are free from mobile phone and other spurious interference, and utilise improvements in battery technology – allowing systems to protect for 5 years without the need to change batteries. Radio surveys can be carried out to ensure that the installation is suitable for wireless technology prior to proceeding with its use.


With every opportunity we look at the cost of our proposed system over its entire lifecycle. As a result, we are able to offer the latest fire detection control systems that also come with backward compatibility to reduce the risk of having to change a control system after improvements to technology or a change to the building layout. This has allowed us to future proof some of our installations, which in turn future proofs our business.


Freo Fire Services are able to offer high level interfaces between building management systems and their fire control systems, as well as the ability to graphically locate the cause of events with the use of a various tools such as graphical touch screen display and remote systems display terminals.


By utilising the power and accessibility of the internet, we are able to offer remote connection to an installed detection system which provides email and SMS services when responding to a fire alarm or fault. This technology exceeds the current safety requirements of the W.A. fire brigade. We have the technology available that can diagnose faults, check the history of an event and see if anything is isolated or any smoke detector is dirty without the need to attend the site. We can ensure your system is functioning at its optimum without even taking a step into your building.


Utilising the latest technology in fire detection systems, we are able to offer end users with a 3 press response to all fire and fault situations. Within three button presses, a system can be set back to normal, or safely isolated without isolating the whole installation, until help arrives.


Freo Fire Services can offer colour matched detection options, wood grain, marble, stainless steel and many other detector colour options to have the detection system blend into its surroundings and not be seen until required. We can design and install modern, sleek, customised Fire Safety protection to suit any tastes.